Who's Afraid?

by Kill Her For Princess



Don't let go, just move on with the same thing
(History repeating itself!)
Every time, I'm so close I can feel her
(Ripped from my arms once again!)

She dances among thieves
She dances with wolves

Hidden beneath a cloak of lies
Behind a mask of innocence
She drags me under!

Buried beneath the sands of time
Tempting fate, impending disaster
I wont regret her!


Saving me
Only just to drag me under
Destroy me
She only does it for the pleasure

Lost in lies, this is the price that I pay
(for ever trusting another)
But her charm, has me around her finger
(lusting for another chance)

I try to let her go again
She says that we can be just friends
But when you dance wolves, and your just a sheep
You better watch your step when you move those feet

(Oh what big eyes you have
Oh what big lies you live)

You better watch out for that wolf...

Who's afraid of a sheep in wolves clothing?


released April 5, 2011
Music, Vocals and Lyrics by Sean Sheridan



all rights reserved


Sean Sheridan Oakville, Ontario

Sean Sheridan is an acoustic and electronic singer/songwriter from Burlington, Ontario.

Sean's interest in music started at a very young age, forming his first band at age 14. Most well known for his major role in the electropop band SlowMotionNoise, Sean is deviating from the music that he previously wrote to incorporate his love for softer music.
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